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Vmax and 6m Peak 2

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As I'm just going to keep my little alloy bug and the nasa wings, it's time for the Vmax to move on to someone else who'll enjoy it as much as me.  10,000km on the odometer, but no city driving.  Ok, there may have been some stop/start buggying from time to time.  Pics are in my Vmax review.  Alloy rims/midis/wide fork/backrest.  The only thing I can see that will need attention is a tear starting where one of the straps from the axle pulls the seat back.  There's a bit of a rip starting in the home made front mudguard - but it's a cheap bit of rubber.  $450 and you're picking it up from Ballarat :)

And what about the cheeseburger wrapper?  6m Peak 2.  Good nic.  $450.  this one: (the buggy is also in the video).




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