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Ozone Frenzy 04 5m

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Ozone Frenzy 5m depower kite for sale. Includes kite, lines, bar and bag and original instructions and repair kit.  Used but in very good condition. Happy to post at your expense. Bargain at $100B4C4349E-1983-4CEB-A0CE-AAAEA916CEFA.thumb.jpeg.5cfa0558d656f8325c84229fd4028125.jpegB4C4349E-1983-4CEB-A0CE-AAAEA916CEFA.thumb.jpeg.5cfa0558d656f8325c84229fd4028125.jpegB9A1DCBB-162A-48DE-A2E0-0E165B2456F8.thumb.jpeg.719f8739943e7aff5bbf045d65e3adbd.jpegFE9B86FA-1034-45C5-ABBF-94726DB0CD40.thumb.jpeg.f09f11cc172ad270a2cb05076870f292.jpegFEF2A39D-BD60-4D37-B2D1-9019BCB573B5.thumb.jpeg.c181277561154c6b018a5df705a258a8.jpeg5A3CA9DB-0361-4B3C-B022-64AA93C3E26A.thumb.jpeg.31951bdab3060b1d1762e9da369cf96b.jpeg


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