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Olof Palmolja

Best way to attach a big flag

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If you want to attach a rather big flag to your kite line, what are the best way? 

1. Most popular seams to be to attach the top to the kite line and tie a weight to the bottom. Easy and seams to work well, but I don't like the feel to add something (weight) you try to keep as less as possible..

2. Tie the top and bottom to the kite line. Easy, but the flag tilts alot which doesn't look good. And the bottom t.e. corner is destorted by the wind.

3. As no 2 but with a line between the kite line and the bottom corner of the flag so the flag is level to the ground. Like line laundry. This doesn't work, the l.e. of the flag can not be taut and flapping, destorting the entire flag.

4. Attach the entire top edge to the kite line. Same problem as no 2.

5. Use a triangle flag or a triangle attached to the kite line that the flag is attached to. Like the fock on a sail boat. More cumbersome to prepare.


I've only tried no 2 (attached photo) and no 3. Do you have any tips which could be best for a flag of 25 sqm ?




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I have used method number 1, but as you say it is extra weight.

Maybe try method number 3, but have a spar in the white sleeve of the flag to keep that edge straight?

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I use #3 with a spar.

The angle of the flag still does change slightly with wind speed but I can live with this small amount.

Took a bit of fiddling to get it right as the "pull angle" is different the further up the lifter line you go.

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