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Australian Buggy Numbers

What Prefix should Australian Buggy Number have?  

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There used to be a list here on the forum, so I guess Joel is the man to pester.

we used to have a list of everyone's number ( those that wanted one) I'm AUS012, just never mad any plates, did a design for a tshirt, if numbers become trendy I will have it done up.

There also used to be a lit of speed records in the same section, the transition to the new format, saw them fall into a crack, Joel has confirmed that these will be functional in the next upgrade..... But I'm sure he can access the list if needs be.

Indeed, there's a new Records section and Land Kiting Numbers index coming.  Both of these are self-submit, self-curated areas that you just "submit" your number and information to.  We're moving completely away from having any 1 individual responsible for any 1 section and systemising everything.

ETA for an update is end of this month, which will also fix quite a few bugs in the bug tracker and also some changes to make the text-editor more mobile & tablet friendly. 

AUS, is much smarter and self explanatory.

Precisely, and after some discussion the reality is that in our lifetime only a handful of us would ever go overseas to events so it's a non-issue.

Joel I'm registered as "AUS 240" as a member of the Lake Lefroy Land sailing Club, which includes class 8 kite buggy, so could I please continue with this # if it goes ahead mate.

No problem, I'll shoot a message again in this thread when the new index is up.

I'm working on relational databases, so that people can click for example your race number and it'll also show all your own personal record achievements etc.

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I know your saying that only a handful of you may ever go abroad to race and racing as a whole is pretty new down under, but surely at some point if the sport grows then you will come under the influence of FISLY who are our international governing body. As such wouldnt it be easier just to start out using the correct prefix etc on your buggies rather than at some point having to change them again ?

I know KA isnt great but neither is K here in England ?

Over here each club is given a batch of numbers, so my club at Hoylake has the 700 and 800 numbers and CLSC has the 500 numbers.

K1 to K10 are reserved for the top 10 pilots each year in our national series as in alot of other countries, but not many actually bother using them.

Just some info and ideas for you guys, btw the racing rules are all on the FISLEY web site

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You'll have to hand Gummy a fork to get his olive out..............but only a backwards fork! :sarcastichand:

Harsh !!!!!...................  Pissed myself though. :mosking:

Wasn't it 700..............ha ha ha..............Better not push it eh Mark.

At least it was you that bought it to our attention, pulling the piss out of yourself. It makes the world go round mate. onya!!!!:friends:

Come on! They were only on backwards for 4 years!:blush2: Therefore by the laws of piss taking you can only keep going on about it for another 8 years!:wink3:

@gum-nuts 007 was taken by @techno 


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I'd like to get a transfer on my blokart sail, @chook (or anyone with the know) how would you attach it to a sail?

I bought the proper adhesive sail cloth numbers from the "yacht grott"  and it cost a fortune. 3 pairs of 250mm, AUS 240 and it was $235.00. Pricks in Perth robbed me.

 I nearly died when I picked them up from the post with the invoice.

I just use 50mm black cloth tape (from Bunnings) now and lay out the rough number/letter shape on a nylon cutting board with the 50mm wide tape and then I have a stencil I cut round with a snap blade knife. They peel up easily and after cleaning the sail with thinners to get rid of the salt I apply them starting from the centre of the letter working my way out to the edges to not trap air bubbles.

I wouldn't do (the tape) it on a high quality blokart sail though, as with the heat of the sun they are impossible to get off/remove the adhesive. Also the back of each one is grey coloured.

All my sails are rescued from the tip shop and none have cost me more than $15.00 dollars so I don't care. My carbon masts are the same $15.00 each.:good:

A sign writer should be able to make them for you or there is a crew on eBay that I have seen there work and look good too.

(My mate owns this AUS006 Yacht pictured here on Lake Lefroy.) I don't know this company, but their numbers are good quality from the ones that have got them. I don't know how they would go on cloth though. The ones I have seen were on monofilm sails (clear plastic).

   A yacht supply shop should have the 250mm ones you want or be able to order them in adhesive sail cloth. Lay out a line with insulation tape and set the letters out along it to get them lined/ spaced up neatly.

The high letters/numbers towards the top of the sail go on with the "mast pocket" on your right, when the sail is laid out on the floor. The other side will be lower so they can be read easily with the sun shinning through the sail. Both sides must be on the top 2/3rds of the sail.


Chris K854, we are the same at Lake Lefroy we are allocated AUS from 230 to 250. Some have the old registrations as well That were allocated with Australian placing's/rankings AUS001 etc.. It's a mine field.:wacko:


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@ .Joel, I am happy to give "007" to gum-nuts if he wants it, I no longer kite or buggy, all gear is up for sale.

woohoo! Cheers mate,  @technojunky

gum-nuts - licensed to kite buggy!:dance3:


woohoo! Cheers mate,  @technojunky

gum-nuts - licensed to kite buggy!:dance3:


and before anybody else says it - backwards!

@nigel @Chook

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